We are based in India, an oracle of Agriculture Commodities, with erstwhile trade links with leading Suppliers, manufacturers, traders, auctioneers & dealers. We have built the company with more than a decade of experience among our promoters to procure and promote Agricultural commodities business. The company is strategically located to meet the global demands of all agriculture commodities which form the current focus of the company. We have built our connections across markets to help you source the “right produce at the right quality and price“.

We are committed to supply quality and fresh produce to our customers and enhance the customer satisfaction levels through continual improvement in our process and to become leader in the market.
We own over 50% of the facilities we operate out of this allows us to keep operational costs down and ensure the highest quality. Strategic location of these resources ensures “recurring operational costs” are kept to minimum. Equipped with the latest technology.

We has a distinctive capability to operate as one organization even though it is diversified across various locations. Experience tradition and passion are the driving force behind the team for us. We are headed by a diverse & willing team who are experienced, knowledgeable and practical in their approach.